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A new perspective on education accompanied by dinosaurs...

Jurassic Land invites everyone, old and young, to discover the world of dinosaurs. The most magnificent creatures of the planet which have become extinct 65 million years ago are reanimated in Jurassic Land located in Bayrampaşa, Forum İstanbul Life and Shopping Centre.

Designed on the basis of “edutainment” concept which combines education and entertainment, Jurassic Land was built on a huge area of 10,000 square meters. Containing one-to-one moving models of 70 dinosaurs, Jurassic Land is attractive for both children and adults with its unique and interesting museum, the largest 4D-6 effect cinema in Turkey, a laboratory where people both learn and have fun, a show garden, Jura Terrace Cafe and a concept gift shop that sells special products.

One of the few of a kind in the world...

Jurassic Land, which has been established under the supervision of the American NK&A Company that has also designed the original “Jurassic Park” in Los Angeles, is one of the biggest dinosaur theme parks in the world. While Jurassic Land is accepted as the Europe’s most comprehensive dinosaur-themed park, the museum has been enlisted among top 10 by international authorities such as CNN International as well as leading publications like Four Seasons Magazine. This is how it all began for Jurassic Land where one can walk through following a story:

The dinosaur bones discovered during the construction of Forum İstanbul attract the attention of experts and then the research begins. And thus a brand new world is uncovered in the depths of the Marmara Sea... Jurassic Land and Dinosaurs. This mysterious world is waiting for its visitors.

Dinosaurs Museum 4 Boyutlu 6 Efektli Sinema Laboratuvar Ünitesi Veteriner Ünitesi

The museum is the first step into learning...

In Jurassic Land, the journey of adventure and learning starts at the museum. The museum, where dinosaur bones and eggs from millions of years ago are exhibited, also shares many interesting pieces of information with the visitors. The detailed story of the dinosaur age is told with examples.

Dinosaurs Museum

Entertainment and education are presented together in every corner of the museum. A discovery journey full of unique experiences provides a creative learning process for children as well as an unprecedented visual feast to adults in a certified setting with all credentials.

Jurassic Land extends you an opportunity to discover a fantastic world while fulfilling a social responsibility through combining education and entertainment.

4D Discovery in the World of dinosaurs with JuraCopter...

After the museum, it is time to discover Jurassic Land. One of the surprises for visitors during the Jurassic Land adventure is the Juracopter. Juracopter, which is the biggest 4D cinema in Turkey with six effects, is a special vessel designed to discover the world of dinosaurs.

4 Boyutlu 6 Efektli Sinema

Juracopter is made to survive extreme air, underwater and land journeys.

This exciting and unique trip that includes encountering various dinosaur species will be an unprecedented experience for everyone.

You are the explorer paleontologist here! Excavation workshop

The museum has a main part of around sqm 1000 containing various skeletons, eggs, dinosaur reliefs, and animated background visuals and an inner cave of

Kazı Aktiviteleri

sqm 245 where an excavation area of sqm 50 is located. In the light of general information on how the bones and eggs are excavated, kids are encouraged to participate in the workshop after which they are granted “Explorer Paleontologist Certificate”. This activity is available everyday and for all ages.

Memorable Souventrs for an unforgettable visit... Jurassic Land Store & Concept Photography

For those who want to buy souvenirs after a pleasant experience, there are interesting dinosaur products and reference books in the Jurassic Land Store.

Oyuncak Mağazası

You can even find giant dinosaur models in addition to hand-crafted dinosaur eggs, reliefs, and textiles created by Jurassic Land Art Team. Green-box photography corner offers a range of themes as background and provides for concept frames for photos.

Birthday parties on dinosaur island

Designed for birthday parties and special occasions, themed event hall has sqm 1.200 with 14m ceiling height. The area also includes Jura Tree House,

Jurassic Land'da Doğum Günü Partini Kutla

JurAtelier, Jura Party House, and Jura Playground. Among the facilities of the event hall are a grandstand, a stage of sqm 50, a huge screen with high resolution, activity stands encouraging creativity, and DinoRides; which all make birthday parties and other occasions to an unforgettable day.

The parade of dinosaurs... Show Garden

Oyuncak Mağazası

There is a magical world in this area where tens of moving dinosaurs are reanimated in their natural setting.

Turkey's largest laser arena Dino Laser Tag

The surroundings of Juracopter are themed as Dino Laser arena where an adventure full of adrenaline triggers inside sqm 650 with light, voice, and

Dino Laser Tag Arena

smog effects. Visitors with their laser rifles shoot each other, dinosaur eggs or animatronic dinosaurs which are veiled in the dark. Laser tag is for everybody, adult or child, fond of action and excitement.

Laser Tag for adults Hunter Laser

Hunter Laser Tag is a team game created by Jurassic Land team, which is played indoor in the entire park of sqm 5,000- undoubtedly the largest themed arena

Hunter Laser Arena

worldwide. This challenging kind of laser tag is designed as a reality game played in the framework of a storyline with the participation of relevant actors. As the concept is based on teamwork, it is for all adventurer groups and especially of corporate visitors. Discover the mystery of the arena, uncover the tricks of the game, and enjoy this unique experience.

Jura Teras Cafe All Sports Jura Teras All Sports Cafe Jura Teras Cafe Jura Teras
Delicious Journey in time Jura Terrace Cafe

Jura Terrace Cafe, certified as “first class restaurant” by the Ministry, makes the

Lezzet Durağı Jura Teras Cafe

most delicious part of the journey that starts at Jurassic Land ages ago.

It satisfies distinct choices with its differently decorated two indoor, one winter garden, and two outdoor sitting areas, total in five venues. With the company of dinosaurs in a themed atmosphere as well as its giant terrace of sqm 1200, one can enjoy comprehensive cuisine of Jura Terrace Café, thanks to its wood-fired oven and chefs of high calibre.

Most delicious sport events Jura All Sport Cafe

After the adventurous journey to Jurassic Land, you can cool down at

Jura Teras All Sport Cafe

Jura All Sports Café within Jura Terrace Café where sport competitions are broadcast live. The lively atmosphere is for everybody feeling young and preferring international cuisine. Among the highlights are numerous TV monitors, greened indoor and outdoor setting, special-design hookahs (water pipes) of various flavours and shisha types.


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